Alliance for Consumers Releases Report on Shady Trial Lawyer PACs and Their Left-Wing Influence



Alliance for Consumers Releases Report on Shady Trial Lawyer PACs and Their Left-Wing Influence


WASHINGTON, April 22, 2022– Alliance for Consumers (AFC) released a new report detailing political donations of federal political action committees (PACs) that are affiliated with trial lawyers. This report is the second installment in a series of reports AFC will release tracking trial lawyer political contributions through the 2022 midterm elections.


This report highlights the web of “The Shady Trial Lawyer PACs,” and where their dollars are being used. At the center of this web is the AAJ PAC, which is closely tied to the American Association for Justice, the trial lawyers’ trade association, and expands to incorporate the Truth and Justice Fund Company, Justice 2018, Justice 2020, and Justice 2022.

“One of the biggest consumer protection problems we face is trial lawyers taking money that should be going to consumers and taxpayers and using that money to play aggressively partisan political games through substantial political donations,” said O.H. Skinner, Executive Director of Alliance for Consumers. “This new report focuses on one of the avenues that trial lawyers use: a web of political action committees that send money overwhelmingly to Democrats and their allies, with ties to far-left groups and progressive hub organizations.”


Altogether, this report shows how The Shady Trial Lawyers PACs put 99% of their money–over $17.5 million–to work for Democrats from 2017 to the beginning of 2022. It also highlights the one-sided ideological orientation of the recipients of this money, which include progressive organizations such as America Votes, Emily’s List, The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, and Priorities USA Action.


“Our goal with these Shady Trial Lawyer Pipeline reports is to shine a light on how left-wing trial lawyers are hijacking consumer protection lawsuits in order to funnel public money into left-wing political efforts,” said Skinner. “When you look at the numbers in our first two reports, the political contributions from these trial lawyers are almost exclusively to progressive, liberal causes, with no counterbalance. Left-wing trial lawyers are turning this into a political money game that feeds the progressive Left. We think that is wrong. Consumer protection should never be a left-wing money game or a tool to funnel public money into left-wing politics at the expense of everyday consumers. Good governance and honest stewardship demand more than that.”


You can view the full report here.


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